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2015-2019,德国伊尔梅瑙工业大学,研究员 (Scientific Researcher/Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter)

2017-2021,德国公司5microns GmbH,项目工程师 (Project Engineer/Projektingenieur)






2018.11-2019.11TU-Ilmenau/Microresist TechnologyDevelopment of New Commercial Nanoimprint Resist

2016.05-2019.04,德国联邦教育与研究部(BMBF)Key Technology Nanointegration Utilized for Spectroscopic Sensor Systems

2014.01-2017.09,欧盟EU FP7-ICTSwIFT – Non-volatile optical Switch combining Integrated Photonics and Fluidics Technologies

2014.10-2017.03,德国联邦教育与研究部(BMBF)1D-based Sensors for Gas and Magnetic Field Measurements

2016.10-2018.03,德国联邦教育与研究部(BMBF)Thermopile Sensor Based on Surface Micromechanics for Pyrometry Applications

2008.05-2013.10,德国联邦教育与研究部(BMBF)Tunable Optical Sensor Array


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Shuhao Si, Sarah Degenhardt, “Active optical switch system with anti-wetting coating”, EP3510431A1, WO2018049399A1, 2018

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